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So, it’s been a few years since I’ve had a website mainly because I’m notorious for never updating it when I do. Well that’s going to change. I’m going to make an early new year’s resolution to keep this site up to date with my shop’s progress and maybe some projects and things. I’m going to try and make a page for all of my shop equipment and another page for progress pictures of the shop.

Yesterday Jess helped me start sheeting the inside of the shop. We got one of the long walls done. I’m hoping to get the back wall done tonight and maybe more. If we get some warm weather in the next couple weeks I hope to be able to paint. Once it’s painted I can start on the electrical. I originally was going to run the wire in the wall along with boxes in the wall. I decided I’d rather run conduit and keep it everything external to make it easier to change around and add to later. I need to buy the materials for the electrical, hopefully that won’t be too much. I need to save some money for lights too. I want to put in T8 fluorescent fixtures. I think I need about 16 4′ two bulb fixtures. I can get these for around $25 at Home Depot. They make cheaper ones but my father bought a bunch of those and the ballasts have died in about 75% of them. I’m going to try the Lithonia Commercial ones I think. We’ll see how they work. They don’t come with a guard for the lights. I’ll either just not put any guards on them and hope since they’re 9.5′ in the air I won’t bang anything into them or I’ll fab something up myself. But them, they’ve also recently came out with T5 fixtures which are even more efficient so I’ll need to take a look at those and see if it’s worth the added money for those. They seem to be coming down in price.

I’ve started a bracelet for Jessica. It was going to be a surprise for Christmas but I knew I wouldn’t be able to get it done before Christmas without her knowing about it so I told her. It’s made from Cocobolo which is her favorite wood. It’s in contention for my favorite too.